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What is QR CODE?

QR code is the short form of 'quick response' code. A QR Code is a type of barcode that can be read easily by a digital device like a smartphone camera. QR codes are square and contain a unique pattern of small, light and dark squares that encode data or information. This encoded information might be a website URL, text, contact information, WiFi info or anything else that can be represented digitally. QR codes are convenient because they can quickly link a physical object like a poster or advertisement to digital content. To read a QR code, users simply open up a QR code reader app on a smartphone like Google Lens QR Code Scanner and point their camera at the code. The app will scan the code and decode the QR CODE information. QR codes are commonly used to share information, connect users to websites, track products, and simplify processes. Their quick scannability and ability to bridge physical and digital content make them a versatile tool for sharing information.

How to create a QR Code Online?

As you know, that QR CODE is a quick response code by this code you can share any kind of information. Sharing your information by QR Code is a smart thing nowadays. To share your information by QR Code you will have to generate a QR Code from an Online QR Code Generator. You can visit qrconnectivity.com to create unlimited free Qr code and Download your QR Code without signup. Creating a high-quality QR Code is simple. You just have to input your information and press on Generate button. Then you will get your Custom QR Code also now you can design your QR Code in qrconnectivity.com. You can create QR Code for sharing much information like:

  • Link
  • Text
  • Email
  • Location
  • Phone
  • SMS
  • Whatsapp
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • WiFi
  • V-card
  • Event
  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin

You will get thousand of websites online for QR Code generators free like adobe qr code generator but the main thing is you can generate Qr code free but you unable to download the Qr Code from the website you have generated your QR Code. If you wish to download the Qr code you will have to signup and this website is not free. 

If you are searching for Generate and Download QR Code for free you have come to the right site. In Qr Connectivity you don't have to Signup and Pay for Create and Download QR CODE. This QR Connectivity website is totally free. 

How to generate custom QR code?

If you want to create a custom design qr code you can do that with some simple steps by online Qr Code Generator. You can add a logo, color, frame and also you can customize the shape of your Qr Code. To make a custom Qr Code Visit the Qr Connectivity website and create your own custom Qr code and Download it for free.

How to add a custom color to Qr Code?

If you want to add color on your Qr Code simply click on Color Button and pick your favorite Color. You can pick your color on Qr code by hex code. Qr Connectivity is the best website for color QR code generator. You can add color on your Qr Code's Background and you can also color your Qr Code separately. Also you can add a Gradient color on the Qr Code by turn on the Gradient switch on. And finally, you can add your customized background image of your Qr Code. Press the Custom Background option and add a photo from your Photo library. 

How to create a designed Qr Code online?

If you want to customize your Qr Code shape and black blocks you do that by simply clicking on the Design button and choose your Design. In the Pattern section of Design, you can choose different shapes of patterns for your Qr Code. The Marker Border design will give a professional look to your Qr Code also, you can design the Marker center from the Marker Center design tab. The cool feature is adding different colors on your Marker Border and the center by using the Custom Marker Color and Different Markers Colors options. Adding color will give your Qr Code a stander look and this is free color qr code generator.

How to generate a Qr code with logo?

The most important thing is if you want to create qr code generator with logo you can do that for free. Just click on the Logo button and select your Logo. You will get many preloaded logo here and you can also upload your own logo by pressing on upload button. You may see some website will allow you to create a free qr code generator with logo inside but they will not allow you to download the QR code for free. And this custom qr code generator is totally free for generating and downloading QR codes and Qr Connectivity is the best free qr code generator with logo.

How to create a frame on a Qr code?

If you want to add Fram on your Qr Code click on Fram button and select your frame. Many of you are also searching for "Scan me" frame. You will get this frame in this Design option. You will get a frame qr code generator for free in Qr Connectivity's most advanced online qr generator. Adding a pre-install frame on QR code is very simple. This is the free QR code generator with a frame.

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